Documentation tracking simplified.

OnTheGo boosts salesforce productivity by
facilitating efficient document tracking.

Users can send list of required documents,
track them and communicate queries while on the move.

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On The Go

Saves time in documentation process by automating key steps, so that sales rep can focus on other important tasks.

Organizes loan documentation process,
gives clarity on documentation status of every case,
improves customer grip and
augments business.


Enabling work on the go

Send list of documents

as per Customer type, Constitution, Product and
Type of loan


via Email / Whatsapp in standardized format
with your brand's signature.

Add documents / Modify list

at any stage of loan

Quick review

of cases through Dashboard
and stay updated.

Keep note

of case status, discussions, expected date of documents and follow-up date.

Request soft copies

through sent email where
customers can upload documents

How it Works

Quick & Easy

Manage documentation for the entire life-cycle of the loan.
Edit the list or send reminders on the go.

Send list of documents

using filters for desired pre-populated list

Update list

as per received documents from customer

Raise queries

on discrepancies in received documents

Keep track

of cases & their documentation status through Dashboard


Boost productivity

  • Increases number of cases under follow-up
  • Prompt communication to customer
  • Improves grip on customer
  • Reduction in Turn-around-time
  • Lesser number of pendencies and queries
  • Tracking status of multiple cases at fingertips

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Sales team love us

Rohit Jaiswal

Direct Sales Trainee, NBFC

Great app ! Now I dont have to depend on my Sales manager to send list of documents to customer

Mukesh Yadav

Sales Executive, DSA

Earlier it was a chaos to manage pending list & queries of so many cases in a diary. Now, my life have simplified as I do the same through this app.

Shalini Shetty

Asset Desk Manager, Bank

I no longer have to come to office and send list of documents to customer. My customers are delighted with prompt communication.

Vikrant Singh

Sales Manager, Bank

I used to procrastinate communicating list of documents or pendency for end of the day. But with help of this app, I do it right away.

Mahesh Mukadam

Sales Co-ordinator, DSA

My sales totally depend on documentation from customer. But sometimes it takes weeks or months for completion. With OnTheGo app, I'm able to track documentation status of all cases.

Pooja Rao

Relationship Manager, Bank

App is so useful, because of this app I'm overachieving my targets. Thank you OnTheGo app!
Can I make my own custom list of documents for sending it to customer ?

Why organize the documentation process ?

  • There are always few pending documents and queries.
  • Which are inconveniently noted in diary or tracked on email.
  • There is substantial gap of few hours before sending list of documents or an update to the customer.
  • Documentation process sometimes have lengthy timeline.
  • Sales rep loose track of required documents from customer.
  • Multiple round trips to the customer is waste of time.
  • Customer gets irritated as required documents or queries were not communicated on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information secure ?

Absolutely. All of your data is encrypted using the same SSL technology that banks use to protect your money online.

What if I loose my phone ?

No worries. You can get all your information back once you log in again on the app.

Can it be integrated with a CRM ?

Indeed, all the data from the app can be easily transferred to the CRM through API integration.

Can you customize the pre-populated list of documents for our organisation ?

Definitely, just share your lists with us and we would be happy to include them in the app.